Quality control by laser SIQ-C

SIQ-C equipment carries out quality control on a production line with artificial laser vision, executing 3D scanning and thus detecting and counting the correct and incorrect components on the line or for preparing for packing.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions of the installation
  • L: 3000 mm
  • W: 1700 mm
  • H: 950 mm

≤ 1 mm



Power supply

220 V

Installed elect. power

1 kW

1. Information management

The SIQ-C equipment collects and analyses  the values extracted immediately for the process analysis.

Easy to understand graphics with the important variables as requested by the customer.

  • Duration of downtime, counter and percentage of operability
  • Counter of correct and incorrect components and percentages, speed of production, intervals between trays and empty spaces.
  • Statistics as average values, standard deviation, maximums and minimums.


Enables you to evaluate variables such as wear and/or malfunction of the machine (preventive maintenance)

2. Hygienic design

It has a hygienic design that is easy to clean.

3. Can be used with all types of products

Versatility for any type of solid that needs quality control.

4. Additional systems can be added as options

The equipment is prepared to add systems for rejecting faulty parts as well as a system to prepare the bagging and packing.

Added value


It is a piece of compact and robust equipment, small and easy to assemble/adapt to any production line without modifications or stoppages on the existing line.

Using state of the art precision 3D laser scanning  with sophisticated MCR proprietary software, the equipment controls the quality of the products and real production on the line.

Additionally, adding some accessories, you can generate systems of: rejecting, bagging and fitting.

All MCR equipment is manufactured with top quality materials and components as well as certificates for food and chemical processing (AISI 304 or AISI 316) stainless steel, electronic components made by leading manufacturers.


More images and videos of the product


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