Artificial vision by image analysis COPIV-1

Automated quality control using image capturing.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions of the installation
  • L: 2.000 mm
  • W: 600 mm
  • H: 1.600 mm

95 %

Installed electr. power

0,75 kW

Power supply

220 V


Automation packaging

1. Reliability

The equipment has a calibration system with standards to adjust the ranges.

2. Information management

The COPIV-1 equipment has powerful software for analysing the images, as well as communicating with the server in information exchange for drawing up dossiers or required information and for batch traceability.

3. Report personalization

We can personalise and generate any sort of report the customer considers necessary.

4. Additional systems can be added as options

The equipment is prepared to add systems for rejecting faulty parts as well as a system to prepare the bagging and boxing.

Added value


By means of an artificial vision system with a camera, correctly calibrated and adjusted, and an optimised light source to view the components, the software of the equipment calculates results using patterns for processing images captured and establishing if the components are correct or incorrect corresponding to the batch to prepare for subsequent automatic or manual bagging.

The batch in preparation can be external sent by a computer to COPIV-1 automatically or manually, by reading from a sheet of paper.

All MCR equipment is manufactured with top quality materials and components as well as holding certificates for food and chemical processing (AISI 304 or AISI 316) stainless steel, electronic components made by leading manufacturers.

It is robust and compact equipment, easy to use. It is also possible to add different accessories for picking, rejection systems, bagging and packing.


Equipment for industry

It is a compact and robust equipment, easy to assemble/adapt to any production line, without modifications or stops in the existing line. Moreover, it is possible to add different complementary elements for picking, rejection, bagging and packing systems. The equipment carries out the quality control of the products while recognising the actual production of the line.

Equipment for laboratory

For sample standardisation, the equipment has a calibration system of standardised patterns.

Fastness is an autonomous unit, with its own integrated management system. In addition, there is the possibility of being able to connect from a PC to run the software.


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